Monday, January 25, 2010

"its almost like he knows us"

Yes. After months of waiting and debating it finally came true. I think its hard to convey exactly how I have felt and what I have experienced to get to where I am today unless you have had the same experience yourself. But simply put I feel like so many things have occurred that have guided me to this point. and it was worth it..and will be worth it.
i feel like the account is worth detailing..
I wake up early Wednesday morning. For some odd reason I am thinking the time is really an hour ahead. This never happens. Usually, I calculate the exact time i need so I can jump out of bed and scramble out for work ( "uhh....30 minutes is fine really" as i stare through one eye at my alarm blaring FM 100 { ha. classy i know} which has been going off for the past hour). So as I'm staring at the clock wondering what I should do for an hour my mom calls down and says the post office has my call.
"Ecuador" the postman says as he hands me the envelope. For one stupid moment I thought he had read my letter. ha. "good one". As I'm heading back to the car the other man who had overheard was like, "Did you get your mission call? Congratulations!" Suddenly I feel like I'm in the truman show where everyone knows you and all your latest happenings.
I hid my call (jic) and head off to work. I listened to "here comes the sun" all the way there. It seemed so fitting. Fast forward past work. It was a long day.
Having a big family means that you have to wait until 9:00 pm until your whole family can be there. Rip open my call, eyes search out place (yes i cheated). This sounds so bad...but I was slightly let down when I read that it was a stateside. I was expecting to go to south america spanish speaking..not lying. I was just not expecting it at all. Its funny how I think that I have my future planned out perfectly and know what is best...when really there is a better plan in store :). Okay, so that feeling stayed for a couple minutes until I realized it was the perfect mission for me. I've been giving tours at my job which of course was preparing me for this. Then, my mind flew back to the time when I went on my senior trip and Nauvoo was one of the places we stopped at. I remember there was such a special feeling there, unique to the other places I had been.
So...I'm excited. Super excited now. My call has been bumped two weeks up which means I leave even sooner.Do I question my competency in the gospel and other areas? Yes. But preaching...the temple...the history. ah. all I can keep saying is "so excited" with a huge grin. Everyone has been so encouraging. Thank you friends/family!
Photo via a sister couple missionary who sent me an email to answer any questions I have. I'm going to have close to 50 awesome grandparents. :)


  1. Ah, I am so excited for you. We will miss you so much though. You'll make a wonderful missionary, my friend brie said she was there when you went through the temple! Im jealous ha

  2. lol. that's funny she saw me. I was trying to stay unnoticed because I was so out of my element...didn't really work though