Tuesday, July 14, 2009

museum moment #1

Twenty minutes before closing, a boy walks up to the front desk, short of breath. Providing a short disclaimer that he won't have enough time to go through the museum, I explain he should probably come back tomorrow. "I want to talk to a manager" he says. A little confused, I waive the manager up. Diverting his eyes slightly, he tells the manager, "I stole a couple things from here a couple years ago, and I want to pay for them." He went over to the gift shop with the manager and picked out the things and payed for what he had stolen all those years ago. When he came back he bought a museum admission because he had snuck into the museum too.
After working a whole day in which people tried to use other member's card to get in, lied that their cousins were actually their family, and attempted to sneak drinks into the museum...
thank you.
two points for honesty.

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  1. I absolutely love that. See that just makes me know that person has obviously changed their life and is doing their best to right the wrongs and probably helping others along the way. Incredible :)