Monday, July 13, 2009


-Used in a store called Undercover in Tokyo for their spring 09 collection window display..such a creative mind!

"This season Takahashi notes that he was inspired by white, fluffy creatures with luminous eyes called "Graces." These creatures, invented by Takahashi, keep their distance from humans. A secret organization called Gila, he says, has succeeded in breeding and protecting the Graces. Gila also has played a crucial role in fostering a relationship between both the Graces and the human species. To illustrate this notion, Takahashi made dolls (which looked somewhat like a cross between an alien and a monkey with luminous eyes and a light on the tip of their tails), which rested on the shoulders of a few of the mannequins that were set-up in the center of the gallery space."


  1. Wow, this is both extremely cool and freaky to me. I think the Japanese come up with some pretty insane stuff. In the fall Vogue a few years ago there was a big section of fashion from a Japanese artist that was really intense, I dont know why but that made me think of this! I wonder why so many of them have such intense imaginations?

  2. I don't know maybe it has something to do with the rice? ha that sounds cool...I love vogue! Did you know they have a Japanese Vogue?