Friday, February 26, 2010

triptych times three

i was surprised to find myself enjoying the recent much so that i decided to take pictures of the fluff as it fell. i attribute my affection to (a) the Olympics (b) i don't have to walk in it involuntary (c) it gives me an excuse to wear citrus rain boots (d) the el nino winter.

Winter in Main on rte 113
by: Denis Dunn

snow bent birches
bow down low
to log laden

the mountains maturely
hold onto acres of snow
like a 19th century bodice...

can the child of spring
be far from birth?

child of spring- could that mean the season, a new opportunity, hope being reborn, love being rekindled?
spring is coming friends
hold on
p.s. which style is your favorite?

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  1. You did all these? OH deanna, why must you be SO good! lol