Friday, July 24, 2009

24 hours well spent

I was looking on my most frequently played songs on itunes, these are the top three:

1. Peter (Finding Neverland Soundtrack)- 165 times
2. This is Neverland (Finding Neverland Soundtrack)-142 times
3. O Mio Babbino Caro (Joshua Bell)-137 times equaled out to about 24 hours total listening time for these 3 songs (from December to present)

I'm curious..what are your top three??

p.s. Joshua Bell made me love the violin...:)


  1. This is by far my favorite Opera song of all time. I could cry every time I hear it, yes I am a big baby. Okay and I would give you my top 3 only I just realized.... I have honestly not been listening to much music since I have been pregnant. BUT.... here are the 3 I have listened to lately and love.
    1. Dream - Priscilla Ahn
    2. Clair De Lune - Debussy
    3. And...The peter and the wolf song? lol I don't know why but it is on repeat in my head and I'm not sure where I heard it last.

  2. 1. Anything you say by Deas Vail
    2. Only you by Joshua Radin
    3. The way i am by Ingrid Michaelson.

    If you haven't heard of the latter two artists I definitely think you should check them out :)

  3. Sam-I think it is a perfectly good song to cry to. I LOVE/adore/treasure clair de lune...and peter and the wolf?lol. so random. (imaginary flute-da da da dit da da) :)

    Aimee-Joshua Radin is the bomb. As well as Ingrid. I like "Be Ok"