Monday, August 31, 2009

I think my life is kinda like a etch a sketch. Once I think I have someone or something all figured out, it gets shaken up. I often feel like I am planning everthing in the moment, and it ineveitably changes to a different path entirely. Although my uncertainty can often lead to headaches, there are a few things which always will be anchors in my life.

1. family-at our worst and best..friends for keeps
2. friends-I feel so blessed to have such genuine buds who lift me so much
3. faith-despite all the changes in my life, I know who has the controls...and I've never felt more at peace

p/s/ Another "f", but not quite up to anchor status=fashion. because it allows me to express my creativity however I want, in all the mediums I love.

and with these...a etch a sketch life can't be all that bad :)

1 comment:

  1. Well I know I sure like you etch a sketch girl! I think if those are your anchors you will be okay no matter how many times life gets shaken up. And fashion is most absolutely one of the best ways of expression :D